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Case Studies

German Legal Services' clients range from members of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Germany to veterans to descendants of German families to individuals who briefly lived and/or worked in Germany. Despite having spent extended periods living in that country, most of these individuals are unfamiliar with the complex legal codes that govern issues such as German divorce, support, and inheritance. Here we present a sampling of cases that we have represented to demonstrate how our services may be of benefit to you. Whether you are facing a U.S.-German divorce with child and/or spousal support, international inheritance, or need financial assistance for your German legal issues, German Legal services can help.

U.S.-German Divorce

A U.S. servicemember stationed in Germany married a German national. After his new wife became pregnant, he was deployed to Afghanistan. While deployed, his daughter was born, and soon thereafter the servicemember discovered that his spouse had depleted his savings in his bank account, to which he had given her power-of-attorney to access. The servicemember reached out to German Legal Services to initiate a divorce in German court, as well as to protect his remaining finances and help ensure future visitation rights with his daughter.

The attorneys at German Legal Services filed a claim at the court in Bamberg, Germany, to regain the lost finances. Furthermore, they organized a divorce and fought to secure current and future visitation rights for the client. With their help, the servicemember was relieved of a huge burden that accompanied his already difficult deployment.

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International Inheritance

A citizen of German descent living in the United States needed help in obtaining an inheritance from a relative who recently passed away in Germany. During this period, the individual was presented by the German courts with a confusing set of legal statutes and instructions. This person then reached out to German Legal Services for help in handling the inheritance.

The attorneys at German Legal Services worked hand in hand with the German Consulates in the United States, as well as with the relevant German probate court, to help guarantee that the client received their rightful portion of the inheritance. German Legal Services also helped the client obtain an official Certificate of Inheritance, or Erbschein, which is necessary in order to have the properties sold and the estate settled. Moreover, the case was handled from the U.S., saving the client the trouble of having to travel abroad.

German Legal Assistance

A United States servicemember was stationed in Germany. While on active duty, he had married a German national and together they had a daughter. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, and the German mother was granted sole custody of the child. Tragically, the mother was unable to take proper care of the child, and the daughter was placed in a children's home. The father reached out to German Legal Services for help in bringing his daughter home with him to the United States.

German Legal Services filed a custody claim at the family court in the town where the daughter was living. As is typical in such cases, however, the authorites were moving very slowly and the expenses were piling up. German Legal Services worked with the client to ensure that the authorities moved the case forward as quickly as possible and that his rights were fully represented. In the end, the child was able to move back to the United States to live and be with her family.