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Divorce, Custody, Visitation, and Support

Whether newly separated, in the middle of a divorce, or trying to enforce a previous court order for visitation or support, you are facing a complex set of legal problems. The accompanying challenges, when combined with the personal turmoil that often goes along with such situations, can seem overwhelming. Through careful, professional support, German Legal Services helps ensure that your interests concerning the fate of your family, children, and finances are expertly and fairly represented. 

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Inheritance, Last Wills and Testaments

The fact that you reside outside of Germany doesn't have to mean that you are at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to your inheritance. Our expert advice and representation can help you in cases where you stand to inherit all or part of an estate in Germany. Whether you need help clearing complex bureaucratic hurdles such as obtaining an inheritance certificate, establishing your rights and interests, or securing representation in court, German Legal Services provides invaluable support to get you through these difficult times.

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German Citizenship and Retirement Refunds

Many Americans may have a claim to German citizenship based on German descent, whether they were born in Germany or not. Our firm can help understand the requirements for obtaining citizenship and file an application on your behalf.

Similarly, if you lived and worked in Germany in the past you may be eligible to obtain retirement funds from your account with the German government. We can help organize the process of withdrawing your money for you.